Queenslanders are a proud people

Queenslanders are a proud people with on average, high levels of intelligence and tolerance, people actually want straight talking and honesty from their politicians, not innuendo and vague three or four word statements that disguise policies designed to reduce spending on the services that we pay for and deserve to receive. In a court of law if a prosecutor can establish that a defendant has told a lie then the defendant loses credibility, with the current Queensland LNP government it would be difficult to single out just one misrepresentation of the truth shall we say.
To begin with the “health wait time guarantee” what the LNP government are actually not saying is this. We won’t continue to deliver upgrades to services in our public hospitals; instead, if you require an urgent operation we will simply send you to (our rich business mates) in a private hospital. You may well say that everyone’s happy and job done which would be true, however what that actually means is the LNP government failing in its obligation and responsibility to keep our public hospitals up to a high standard. This is simply a con job that puts money into the clutches of private enterprise at the cost of updating the public system and runs with the LNP ideology of privatize any/all public services. Over a period of time government funding for our public hospital system would continue to fall until such time as they are rendered inadequate and then be sold off at bargain basement process to their rich business mates or overseas buyers, it’s disgraceful, and it is so good to see the ALP commit to hiring 400 new nurses for Queensland as a beginning to fix the over worked nurses situation. At present the attitude to nursing staff seems to be working them till they drop and then get another one which is another absolute disgrace, but consistent with the LNP dogma.
The LNP came to power back in 2012 promising to lower or cost of living by cutting waste, not only have I not seen a lowering in the cost of living, it has actually risen and waste they talked about cutting must be defined by them as the 200 plus staff that they axed at the Townsville Tertiary Hospital and 4,800 hospital staff around the state? The LNP has done everything it can to help business; this was supposed to stimulate employment however unemployment has resulted, so much for their so called plan? Townsville petrol is the dearest in the state, electricity prices are up, even when you use less power the bill is dearer, this is absolute chaos being perpetrated by the king of snake oil salesmen himself Campbell Newman.
So, in conclusion under the LNP politicians wages up 43% plus, ordinary workers’ wages up 1.5%, petrol up, cost of electricity up and rising if we allow the LNP back into office to privatize it, in total the cost of living on the up and up, working families wages, down and staying down, the number of struggling families way up (ask the Salvation Army). It has been a disastrous experiment, one that has hurt many families and along with Prime Minister Abbott working as hard as he can on the federal front to deliver much the same philosophy, it seems the ordinary average Queensland family is doomed.


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