Its good news week

Its good news week, after three long years Sam Cox has finally realized the Northern Beaches are in the electorate he is supposed to be representing, and has come up with an idea. Sam now thinks that the Northern Beaches High School deserves an air conditioned school hall, and, having done absolutely nothing of note for our area in the past three years this is his one idea, amazing.
Well Sam, yes we do need an air conditioned school hall as a matter of fact, and have done so for the past three years, we are also in need of a dredge of Saunders Creek to alleviate flooding, there are many local issues that have needed dealing with however, we have never attracted any attention on your radar before, why now? Ah, yes, you want to keep your highly paid job and associated perks for doing the least amount possible, who wouldn’t.
What we need in the Northern Beaches is a representative who actually cares about doing their job, a person who seeks out community complaints, and tries their hardest to fix them; unfortunately for us we have conservative representation at the local government level, the state government level and the federal government level. It’s fascinating, that virtually all of North Queensland knows that we are being ripped off by the conservatives, in the south of the state, yet people continue to complain and vote the conservatives back into power. If we want a different outcome, we must vote for different players.


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