In his letter


In his letter to the Editor, looking through rose coloured glasses at the LNP effort in Townsville over the past three years “LNP has served city well” 19.01.15. Kevin Cutler conveniently ignores many other items such as the closure of Stuart State School, the introduction of paid parking at our public hospital, and the drastic loss of employment being just a few of the highlights Mr Culter has omitted from his score sheet.
Add to these items the abandonment of the 2012 LNP promise to lower the cost of living, and the skyrocketing cost of electricity and home insurance which is pushing many low income families to the wall. Also the threat to the Great Barrier Reef and the 60,000 jobs in tourism that the reef supports, and you then may understand Saturday’s Weekend Bulletin front page, we have simply had enough of broken promises and the escalation in the costs of living.
To add insult to injury the LNP also want to sell our assets, they have not learned from past experience and this is precisely why the large swing state wide is on. The LNP simply have not performed to the public’s wishes, and neither has their federal branch of that party, far too much ideology and far too less concentration on serving the people that they were elected to serve.


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