The evil ultra-right


The evil ultra-right wing faction who currently control the LNP cannot abandon their cruel WorkChoices philosophy as we see in the Townsville Bulletin story “Workers’ conditions for review” 23.01.15. They have commissioned the Productivity Commission to review root and branch the Industrial Relations system in Australia, in the hope of finding something, anything that they can take away from the Australian workforce. We voted the original WorkChoices out in 2007, now it seems that the LNP are breathing life into what we were once told was dead, buried and cremated, under the guise of WorkChoices 2.0.
Bearing in mind that last year this very workforce contributed at least $110 billion, not million in “unpaid overtime” to their employers, surely this is enough (more than enough) sacrifice of the employees family contact time? The LNP believe that we live to work, instead of work to live, and that we should spend every waking second toiling away to make money for our masters, an outdated philosophy that was extinguished at the same time that they stopped burning witches at the stake.
Penalty rates are on the agenda also, penalty rates have been long fought for and won, and much like overtime, should be paid without question. If the LNP succeed in their quest to tear down Australian workers’ wages and conditions, small business may well fall as an unwanted consequence. From what we have seen so far in economic management from all LNP governments, they are in no fit state to judge such a fundamental issue using only their own ideology as a guide.


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