In the dying days


In the dying days of the Newman government they are now aware that they are behind in the polls and that Queensland is likely to follow Victoria in the state of the LNP government. So stressed are the LNP and in particular Mr Newman that they are now politically trying to blackmail Queensland voters into returning their sitting LNP members, that they are threatening to cancel projects that were promised, such as the Townsville stadium if LNP members are not returned to those electorates in which promises were made for big expenditure items, such as the Townsville Stadium.
This will not make one iota of difference to Queenslanders and will only serve to solidify the resistance to the LNPs authoritarian rule, Campbell Newman is by birth a Tasmanian and as such does not understand that Queenslanders are a proud race of people who don’t buckle to blackmail or authoritarian rule, we are not all in the Army Mr Newman, and we don’t all take orders. While on the subject of authoritarian rule Mr Newman, you may pass along to your federal counterpart Mr Abbott that Queenslanders will not sit idle while he reduces our standard of living by tearing the guts out of our Industrial Relations laws with his WorkChoices 2.0 wish list for “his” big business mates either.


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