MP wanted fair go


“MP wanted fair go for all Townsville Bulletin 27.01.15.” Fittingly that the political giant that the Honourable Tom Uren was, he passed away on Australia Day. Tom Uren will always be remembered for his stewardship of the Department of Urban and Regional Development, when for the first time his federal government allocated funding to local councils for the betterment of all citizens. Tom Uren was a true Labor man, he was a democratic socialist as opposed to being a communist, and he knew what it was to be “working class” and through his initiative and discretion and judgement worked his way up from nothing to be a Woolworth’s branch manager before entering the parliament.
It is true that Mr Uren became isolated following the capture of Labor party in the 1980s by the conservative right wing faction which was led by Hawke and Keating, so much so that the “fair go for all” mantra of the party began to fade and Tom Uren and like-minded people in the party began to be ostracised in the minority Left wing. Tom Uren’s life in his commitment to democratic socialism (not communism, though some people may not be aware of the important differences) and peace and his will to improve the lives of the Australian people through government incentives will be remembered by those of us who still advocate the “fair go for all” philosophy. Tom Uren had a full life that was dedicated to his fellow man, for that, he should be remembered and cherished.


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