A faction too much friction

‘A faction too much friction’ Townsville Bulletin 04.02.15. How happy I was to read this story that two past, hopeless Ministers had to compete for just one Ministry, in the new Queensland Labor government. The right wing of the Queensland Labor Party has always been the weak link in government and as such should be given the most unimportant roles in the formulation of the new government. The 2012 wipe-out of the ALP really did the party a favour, in that most of the AWU stooges were consigned to history. It seems obvious that the right wing hierarchy of the Queensland Branch of the ALP had only endorsed candidates of other factions because they thought that the party had no chance of winning.
Now is the perfect time for the ALP parliamentarians to demand accountability in the Queensland Branch by democratizing both the administration and the parliamentary wing by opening up all positions to scrutiny from ALP members, in other words both the administration leadership (the Presidency and the Secretary) and the parliamentary leadership (leader and deputy leader) should be voted upon on a one vote, one value basis by the ordinary membership, as is done in all other democratic organizations.


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