From time to time


From time to time I read a humorous text to the Editor (Townsville Bulletin) that I can get a good laugh from, and so it was 05.02.15 a text from brett Kirwan. “Stop freeloading off the taxpayer” (Australian English: “Stop bludging on the taxpayer”) he says in relation to a few people at Happy Valley, I found this text amusing and sad and written by a bloke who must go through life with blinkers on.
Perhaps brett would like to know how much “tax avoidance” costs the “taxpayer” it is in the region of $8.4 Billion, not million each and every year. We “taxpayers” have far more to concern us than a few people who live like “hippies” and I would suggest to brett that he take the blinkers off and see the “big picture.”


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