The woeful performance

The woeful performance of the Abbott government continued this past week with the sacking of the father of the House of Representatives, Philip Ruddock from his office of Chief Government Whip, the turmoil continues. Still the mass of uncertainty over many of the government’s policies such as the submarines and the harsh co-payment tax to see a GP continue to be mysteries to the general public who are already suffering from LNP government policies in other areas. Again, due to the incompetence of this LNP government unemployment is soaring with the rate the highest it has been for twelve and a half years, with an extra 100,000 Australians looking for work since the LNP came to office in September of 2013.
Why does the Abbott government continue to place the burden of repayment of Australian debt on those who are least able to pay, the general population is really doing it tough but instead of enlisting those who are easily able to pay a little extra, the general population has been targeted, why? We have seen the fall of State governments of the LNP brand for doing likewise to their federal counterparts, one would imagine that the message would be loud and clear by now, however the Abbott cabinet chooses to charge full steam ahead by selling our assets and using austerity policies to hurt the people who can least afford to pay, why?


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