Fair dinkum

Fair dinkum! “Get projects going before Bowen dies” TB 21.02.15. It seems as though what Bowen actually needs is a cull of doomers and gloomers like the author of this LttE. There are many ways in which to create employment in Queensland and in Bowen that don’t involve Abbott Point or dirty greenhouse gas producing foreign owned coal mines. The current Queensland Labor government was elected on their policy of not spending tax payer’s money developing Abbott Point and not throwing tax payers’ money at a private enterprise project which is the Carmichael Mine project.

I do not recall reading a letter from Mr Maltby OAM last year when a proposed investment worth $110 million was lost by the LNP governments with the proposed conversion of the Collinsville power station into a solar powered utility. Bowen has always been a great place to escape for tourists, the old brigade of conservative business owners should bring themselves into the 21st century and promote Bowen as an unspoilt tourist destination and spend some of their own money highlighting the picturesque beaches that Bowen has to offer It is about time that these tired old conservatives stood on their own two feet and thought about creating a large scale industry for Bowen, who already produce fruit and vegetables, and have a tourist trade.

I remember a story in the Townsville Bulletin recently of a Bowen gambler who lost $6.5 million in a venture that didn’t pay off at Merinda, these people need to dust themselves down and throw their substantial wealth behind establishing a permanent industry for Bowen, without all the time crying, poor us, poor us, which sounds pathetic coming from well-heeled business people. It seems a strange occurrence that a new subdivision of land is up for sale in what is supposed to be “a dying town.” The general public can see through your crocodile tears. Just do it!


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