The Abbott LNP

The Abbott LNP government continues to lurch from crisis to crisis with the revelations today that the former Social Security Minister Kevin Andrews wanted to exclude wealthy people from the pension, the people who had investment properties and fat bank accounts, however his LNP Cabinet Ministers over ruled the then Social Security Minister and decided instead to lower the indexation for all pensioners, how nasty and out of touch are these people? The Andrews Affair is a heartless attack on those most vulnerable in this country.
Welfare has never been intended for those who are able to support themselves and this protection of the comparatively wealthy by the LNP will have repercussions in the Australian electorate. We have seen 18 months of LNP policies push the welfare budget up due to the fact that unemployment continues to rise with the impotence of their policies, more than 100,000 more people on unemployment benefits since 7th September 2013, and now we discover that the government is supporting people who in fact don’t need to be supported? Why, given that we are supposed to have a debt and deficit disaster, do the LNP continue to protect those who are wealthy enough to support themselves?
The Howard government was said to be by the then President of the Liberal Party to be mean and tricky, if that was so, what terms are we to use to describe this Abbott government who pleads for mercy for drug dealers incarcerated overseas, but shows no mercy to its elderly and disabled pensioners living at home?


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