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In reference to Hockey


In reference to ‘Hockey slams Labor for low investment- Townsville Bulletin 29.05.15’ Hockey stating that investment fell by 4.4 per cent in the March quarter and trying to blame the State Labor government is a bit rich, considering that Hockey will not supply investment funding to Queensland because Queenslanders had the temerity to oust the hard line extremist Newman LNP government who were pulling Queensland to pieces and Queenslanders with it. With that government serving out extreme right wing policies that hurt most people, which is why we changed government. This from a federal government that has increased the budget deficits from $17b to 48b in just two years while managing to increase unemployment from 5.2 per cent to 6.3 percent adding 100,000 people to the dole queue, I think if I were he I would be silent and try not to attract attention to myself.
The Newman LNP policies were aimed at making the rich richer at the expense of the poor, and in Queensland, that simply is not on, we won’t cop it, we still believe in ‘the fair go principle.’ Why should we as a public sell off our assets to the LNPs rich mates or to overseas billionaires such as the case in South Australia or Kennett’s Victoria? We in Qld are smart enough to know that if the cost of generating electricity for example is a certain amount, that selling to private corporations who want to make a profit will only increase the price that we customers have to pay, it’s bad enough already, but would be worse under private ownership. No Joe, stick it up your jumper!

Australia still warrants


Australia still warrants a triple A rating after all the austerity policies put in to place over the past 2 years by our mean and tricky LNP government, apparently the reverse Robin Hood policies that the government employs makes little difference to our credit rating first achieved by a Labor government under the financial stewardship of Wayne Swan, voted the world’s best Treasurer at the time.
Following the LNPs performance over the past two years, they have taken us from a federal budget deficit of $17b to a deficit of 48b in just two years, scolding the most vulnerable people along the way. Pensioners and lowly paid working people didn’t create the Global Financial Crisis however the Abbott government seems hell bent on making us pay for the financial position that the GFC created. If I recall correctly it was the banking industry who were responsible and who badly mismanaged sub-prime USA mortgages, nothing to do with Australia’s vulnerable. Why don’t they make the banking industry pay?
It seems that the LNP has taken advantage of the worlds’ financial crisis to deliver their extremist ideology in the form of ‘austerity’ policies to helpless Australians. This collection of ‘so called’ Christians have no charity in their collective bones, and they seem to enjoy the thought of elderly pensioners freezing in winter and boiling in summer, as they cannot afford a heater nor a fan nor the electricity to make the seasons bearable. We have never before in Australia seen a government so miserable, and I doubt that the Australian people will be thanking them when they call an election early in the New Year.


May I please be given space to refute a few texters to the Editor? Firstly to Bill of Cranbrook who claims that the Abbott government does not hand out welfare money for nothing, if Bill read my LttE on Saturday 16.05.15 entitled ‘Pension for needy, not greedy’ he may have already changed his mind on that particular subject. On another hot topic being the $20,000 tax gift to small business, this will be welcomed by small business as far as being able to buy a new ahem, ‘company’ car which will probably help new car sales in Australia, however I don’t see how small businesses buying new cars will help the average Australian to spend their money in an economy that has been run down by the Abbott government since day 1.?
Messers Abbott and Hockey have been talking the Australian economy down for many years while they were in Opposition and it would seem they have finally achieved what they set out to do, with families holding on to every cent they can save or alternatively paying down their own private debt if they are able to. The thought that people with $820,000 in assets, shares or other income generating capital, as well as owning their own home, and still being allowed to apply for the welfare pension is simply wrong by most people’s moral standards, however this misguided economic policy is just one of many examples where LNP governments allocate resources inappropriately to people who don’t need them, while punishing those who desperately ‘do’ need help or refusing to help people in need, for example the homeless.
Another example of this evil behaviour is taking away Family Tax Benefit B which deprives an ordinary family of approximately $6,000 per annum, and replacing it with a much less generous scheme all in the name of saving money, money which in fact could be derived by clamping down hard to make sure that the ‘wealthy’ and the ‘multinational’ companies paid their fair share of Taxation to Australia as host country for their massive profits. I have nothing against massive profits, provided that they ‘all’ pay their responsible, fair share of taxation to the government of the country whose people are providing that massive profit. Before someone like Ags or Ron Kelso begin whinging on behalf of these people, explain why a corporation or a small business should pay less, tax than a humble storeman? Or clerk, cleaner or console operator, if private enterprise is so good, why do they need government handouts, especially when the RBA has been forced to lower interest rates to the lowest rate in history, because of the Abbott governments’ mismanagement?

The public have quickly seen through

The public have quickly seen through the Abbott/Hockey/Morrison federal budget, the idea of not upsetting anyone is simply a ploy for an early election. The back down on ‘some’ of last year’s cruellest measures will not fool those of us who follow politics; it is so obvious that this is designed to hold an early election. The philosophy is that if they (LNP) were lucky enough to be re-elected they would then bring down another horror budget like last year’s unfair and much opposed effort.
The Liberal National Party has never before been controlled by the ultra-right wing faction of politics; the party established by Sir Robert Menzies has lost his proposed philosophy. We really need a party with the centre of politics in mind, so that all of society gets a fair go. It is sad to see the state of Australia at present, with incompetent management of our finances with the most vulnerable punished for being so.

The latest report


The latest report from Access Economics’ shows a further worsening of the federal budget bottom line by approximately another $5 billion under the stewardship of LNP Treasurer Joe Hockey. With elements of his last budget remaining unpassed, the time has arrived when the Treasurer should admit that Hockeynomics simply has simply failed.
His last budget bludgeoned the poorest in the community without touching the wealthiest in the community or the multinational corporations who are dodging their taxation responsibilities. Even a lowly accounts clerk understands that there are two sides to a budget, revenue and spending, Hockey however has not given a thought to the revenue of the budget and the approximate $10 billion each year that continues to go uncollected from the lack of taxing the aforementioned categories who have escaped their responsibility for years.
One can only live in hope that this second ultra conservative budget will replace some of the massive withdrawal of funds to families that were taken away in the first budget; however we should never forget what these people really want to do to the average everyday Australian, and the mongrel bred attitude they have toward ordinary hard working people.