The latest report


The latest report from Access Economics’ shows a further worsening of the federal budget bottom line by approximately another $5 billion under the stewardship of LNP Treasurer Joe Hockey. With elements of his last budget remaining unpassed, the time has arrived when the Treasurer should admit that Hockeynomics simply has simply failed.
His last budget bludgeoned the poorest in the community without touching the wealthiest in the community or the multinational corporations who are dodging their taxation responsibilities. Even a lowly accounts clerk understands that there are two sides to a budget, revenue and spending, Hockey however has not given a thought to the revenue of the budget and the approximate $10 billion each year that continues to go uncollected from the lack of taxing the aforementioned categories who have escaped their responsibility for years.
One can only live in hope that this second ultra conservative budget will replace some of the massive withdrawal of funds to families that were taken away in the first budget; however we should never forget what these people really want to do to the average everyday Australian, and the mongrel bred attitude they have toward ordinary hard working people.


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