The public have quickly seen through

The public have quickly seen through the Abbott/Hockey/Morrison federal budget, the idea of not upsetting anyone is simply a ploy for an early election. The back down on ‘some’ of last year’s cruellest measures will not fool those of us who follow politics; it is so obvious that this is designed to hold an early election. The philosophy is that if they (LNP) were lucky enough to be re-elected they would then bring down another horror budget like last year’s unfair and much opposed effort.
The Liberal National Party has never before been controlled by the ultra-right wing faction of politics; the party established by Sir Robert Menzies has lost his proposed philosophy. We really need a party with the centre of politics in mind, so that all of society gets a fair go. It is sad to see the state of Australia at present, with incompetent management of our finances with the most vulnerable punished for being so.


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