May I please be given space to refute a few texters to the Editor? Firstly to Bill of Cranbrook who claims that the Abbott government does not hand out welfare money for nothing, if Bill read my LttE on Saturday 16.05.15 entitled ‘Pension for needy, not greedy’ he may have already changed his mind on that particular subject. On another hot topic being the $20,000 tax gift to small business, this will be welcomed by small business as far as being able to buy a new ahem, ‘company’ car which will probably help new car sales in Australia, however I don’t see how small businesses buying new cars will help the average Australian to spend their money in an economy that has been run down by the Abbott government since day 1.?
Messers Abbott and Hockey have been talking the Australian economy down for many years while they were in Opposition and it would seem they have finally achieved what they set out to do, with families holding on to every cent they can save or alternatively paying down their own private debt if they are able to. The thought that people with $820,000 in assets, shares or other income generating capital, as well as owning their own home, and still being allowed to apply for the welfare pension is simply wrong by most people’s moral standards, however this misguided economic policy is just one of many examples where LNP governments allocate resources inappropriately to people who don’t need them, while punishing those who desperately ‘do’ need help or refusing to help people in need, for example the homeless.
Another example of this evil behaviour is taking away Family Tax Benefit B which deprives an ordinary family of approximately $6,000 per annum, and replacing it with a much less generous scheme all in the name of saving money, money which in fact could be derived by clamping down hard to make sure that the ‘wealthy’ and the ‘multinational’ companies paid their fair share of Taxation to Australia as host country for their massive profits. I have nothing against massive profits, provided that they ‘all’ pay their responsible, fair share of taxation to the government of the country whose people are providing that massive profit. Before someone like Ags or Ron Kelso begin whinging on behalf of these people, explain why a corporation or a small business should pay less, tax than a humble storeman? Or clerk, cleaner or console operator, if private enterprise is so good, why do they need government handouts, especially when the RBA has been forced to lower interest rates to the lowest rate in history, because of the Abbott governments’ mismanagement?


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  1. Helen in NQld says:

    So true. If they cancelled the superannuation tax reduction for the top 10% of earners it would net 15 BILLION dollars – every year. THat would mean they would be paying 45% tax on that money instead of 15%. THAT’S upper class welfare! I think it was brought in by Howard, reduced by Labor and then increased again by Abbott? Salary sacrificing to super is not something that an average wage-earner can do as they don’t want to tie money up – they need it for things like eating!

    • I wholeheartedly agree Helen, there seems to be little consideration of lowly paid Australian families from either the Abbott LNP or the Shorten ALP. Perhaps I will protest vote for The Greens next election with the ALP 1st preference until the ALP comes back to the middle of politics instead of following the LNP to the right.

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