Australia still warrants


Australia still warrants a triple A rating after all the austerity policies put in to place over the past 2 years by our mean and tricky LNP government, apparently the reverse Robin Hood policies that the government employs makes little difference to our credit rating first achieved by a Labor government under the financial stewardship of Wayne Swan, voted the world’s best Treasurer at the time.
Following the LNPs performance over the past two years, they have taken us from a federal budget deficit of $17b to a deficit of 48b in just two years, scolding the most vulnerable people along the way. Pensioners and lowly paid working people didn’t create the Global Financial Crisis however the Abbott government seems hell bent on making us pay for the financial position that the GFC created. If I recall correctly it was the banking industry who were responsible and who badly mismanaged sub-prime USA mortgages, nothing to do with Australia’s vulnerable. Why don’t they make the banking industry pay?
It seems that the LNP has taken advantage of the worlds’ financial crisis to deliver their extremist ideology in the form of ‘austerity’ policies to helpless Australians. This collection of ‘so called’ Christians have no charity in their collective bones, and they seem to enjoy the thought of elderly pensioners freezing in winter and boiling in summer, as they cannot afford a heater nor a fan nor the electricity to make the seasons bearable. We have never before in Australia seen a government so miserable, and I doubt that the Australian people will be thanking them when they call an election early in the New Year.


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