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The 30th of June


The 30th of June, the day all small businesses have waited weeks for in order to claim their new cars on the Abbott LNP government. A $20,000 gift/discount on your new car paid for by all taxpayers (23 million) to the 2 million small business owners, what a life, then LNP Treasurer and founder of Hockeynomics has the audacity to claim that the portion of the workforce who stand up for themselves, union members, are “leaners.” Look at the man himself, the $10 million man and ask the same question, “Are you a leaner Mr Hockey?”
We have a man on large wages (call it what you like, wages is an apt description) as a parliamentarian, and then as an extra, just a part of his perks we help him to pay of his wife’s house in Canberra at $270 per night for him to sleep in his wife’s house? Tell me Mr Hockey, “who is the leaner?” There seems to be an unspoken rule that some people in our society benefit greatly from government policy and that seems to be fine, as long as it is not the poor who really need the benefit of government policy. The philosophy seems to be if the LNP government deems you to have “had a go, (gambled you money) and made it (succeeded)” then we will give you more, if you are deemed to be “just” a hard worker, (a person who has made someone else wealthy) then you are on your own, and as a result will receive less and less government help.
We have had some shocking government numbers such as the $3.9 billion trade deficit, 6.0 per cent (756,000 people) unemployment and rising, recently and the media has sought to quietly report these facts, had the ALP been in government, these facts would have attracted large fanfare, is this media bias? Or is it simply an imbalance in reporting? Either way we, the citizens should be entitled to know the full score, all of the time, without political preference being given to either side of politics in this country.

As a progressive person


As a progressive person I find the LNP philosophy on life a very wasteful proposition. The next genius, in the category of an Albert Einstein or a Stephen Hawkings could be born at any time in any country, this person may be able to, with their brilliant mind discover things we cannot possibly imagine, but here we are with the conservative proposition that if they are not born to a high income family they may well not be able to go on to university because of cost thus consigning them to obscurity and society, the general public will be poorer for it.
To be quite frank, I don’t see why we can produce low cost public education in primary and secondary schools, but cease to support these children’s education into tertiary education? The child of a lowly paid council worker could have a brilliant mind but stifled by their parent’s economic situation, may not have the opportunity to expand that brilliant mind in a university place. Why don’t we cut some of the costs of government for example the extraordinary payments to university vice chancellors nearly a million dollars a year, and other wasteful spending, and instead send this money to tertiary education?
With basic unregulated capitalism now recognized as being very destructive as in the Global Financial Crisis which the world remains in a dither about. We need a new way, a better way a fairer way, communism is not that way, and perhaps democratic socialism could lead us in the right direction? The Nordic countries seem to have high living standards with this philosophy.

Having just watched


Having just watched The Killing Season on ABC TV I am left with a deep sadness that when a couple of right wing anti-member unions are allowed to control a political party, their judgement simply is not good enough, and leads to the ruination of that party. To have had people like Bill Shorten and Paul Howes behind the scenes pulling the strings both AWU stooges, who are both anti-worker and anti-their own members as we have seen from recent revelations concerning Shorten selling out his own union members in 2004 to the tune of $32.02 an hour this disgraceful behaviour should not be rewarded by the labour movement or the labor party, not now, not ever.
Shorten comes from affluent stock and Howes was a street kid at 16 years of age, and has street cunning not to be mistaken for intelligence. Together these men had no idea about labour or the struggle of lowly paid working families, yet these two men were instrumental in the political assassination of two sitting Prime Ministers, both should be ashamed of themselves and the voting public should be angry with them for deciding who our PM would be.
Many people will say the unions should no longer be part of the labour party and to a big extent they are not, however two right wing supposed unions the AWU and the SDA who are the scourge of the union movement and should be forcibly removed from a political party that says it wants to improve wages and conditions for our humble lowly paid workforce, as both of these supposed unions act counter to the objectives that the Australian Labor Party publicly stand for.

As a progressive


As a progressive person my greatest fear is that Bill Shorten will not have the gumption to resign the federal leadership of the ALP in the face of the growing scandal enveloping him, concerning his sell out of his union members when he was the National Secretary of the AWU.
His moves to condemn workers to a 12 hour shift paying $18.5 per hour when they would have otherwise been able to earn $50.17 per hour in an Enterprise Agreement is unforgivable, end of story. This is simply treachery on behalf of this supposed union against its members. Shorten has nowhere to hide. His reluctance to do the honourable thing and resign his parliamentary seat and therefore declare the leadership of the ALP once again open simply allows his ego to ride roughshod over the ALP and its 40,000 members.
Now that he has been exposed there is nothing he can say that will clear him in the eyes of the public. He goes, and makes clear air for a person, who truly does believe in Labor values, or he stays and condemns the whole federal party to electoral failure, and saves Anthony Abbott’s bacon, nobody likes a charlatan. Anthony Abbott v Anthony Albanese looks to be shaping up as the contest of the next election, act swiftly and decisively Labor members who still have the values of the labour movement in their hearts.

The federal Opposition Leader


The federal Opposition Leader is in an untenable situation, now that it is public knowledge that he has duded/ robbed AWU cleaners in 2004 agreeing for them to go on 12 hour shifts at a rate of $18.15 instead of the $50.17 per hour that they were entitled to, brown nosing to the company to receive $25,000 in payment from the company to cover employees union fees, can be seen as little else but taking a bribe in order to be a ‘compliant’ union and not raise issues with the company, in simple terms a sell-out of the workers, which is a disgrace.
These actions are counterproductive to producing good meals on the family plates of those workers that this man sold out, with his actions seemingly more in keeping with an LNP politician than a pro Labor supposed supporter, who is/was supposed to be fighting tooth and nail for fairness and decency for the union members that he committed to fight for better wages and living conditions for the poorly paid, which it seems this man has ignored and sold out, and left the workers hanging out to dry so his union could receive bulk payment .
This is an automatic disqualification for the job of the leader of the ALP and flies in the face of everything that the party has stood for, for over a hundred years. Why these right wing politicians join the ALP is a mystery to me, as they do all they can to put roadblocks in the path of hard working employees achieving a liveable wage, while they themselves bury their snouts as deeply as possible in the public purse trough. This bloke has to go and be replaced urgently with the bloke that 58.6% of the 30,000ALP members voted for to the leadership position, Anthony Albanese. At least Mr Albanese appears to be ‘fair dinkum.’



Finally, after 3 1/3 years, finally an attack on State politicians from Peter Smith – Hold Miller to account TB 12.06.15, Peter speaks. Apparently his LNP government who gained one of the largest swings against them in Australian history in Peter’s eyes did nothing to deserve the backlash, I disagree with Peter, and the number of violations from his side is immeasurable. It seems that the majority of Queenslanders had had a gutful of the LNPs conservative corruption and put Labor back, that being favourable to a second term of LNP government.
Labor certainly does have a huge task after the LNP doubled the State’s budget deficit and debt, much as their federal colleges have done with the federal budget. There is no longer a choice for the Labor government, as the budget was $48b in debt at the time of the election. The time has arrived that the only remaining action is to tax those who can well afford to pay.
Queensland as a sovereign state has taxation powers, and these will need to be used, not in the lazy old way by taxing the poor, but instead for a change taxing the rich, so at long last they pay their fair share of taxes to this great State, working class people cannot contribute any more than we already do. If the State bean counters were to work out what the rich use and eat and put a 250% tax on those items that are unique to that sliver of the population we would have a mechanism to reduce our debt.


Thankfully our federal LNP government shares valuable information with the public. Just the other day Treasurer Hockey advised us what we need to do if we ever wanted home ownership, what a kind man.
As it turns out the formula is pretty easy, according to our fearless leader all we need is a good secure job with great pay, who would have thought? It is a bit rich coming as it does from a government intent on attacking the minimum wage and lowering conditions, however I couldn’t dispute his theory. Straight out of the LNP handbook.
Once upon a time every man, woman and child could own a home of their own, now with Treasurer Hockey allowing large swathes of our great land and homes to be sold off to overseas well to do millionaires, we need the Foreign Review Investigation Board (FRIB) that the great The Right Honourable E.G. Whitlam introduced in the early 70s to be beefed up.
It seems that from this day forward home ownership will, according to Treasurer Hockey, will be forbidden to low income families including shop assistants, clerks, console operators and gardeners, oh well that’s the price of progress it seems.

Well, now we know

Well, now we know we apparently wanted records, and now we have a new record to go with our record unemployment, we now have record trade deficit of $3.9 billion. The LNP have always told us how much better they are at managing public money than the Labor Party, is it not fantastic, even fabulous that the ALP did not manage the record when they were in government.
Oh! How I love ya, how I love ya, my dear ole’ Swanny, the worlds best treasurer!

Ignorance of data


‘Ignorance of data on cash for education, from poor ole‘ Andrew Cripps the LNP member for Hinchinbrook’ what a misguided politician Mr Cripps must be if he does not know that governments of all ilk’s plan for the future. Governments lay out their budget plans for a period of four years so that they know what they plan to spend on areas such as health and education and the plan for the future that the Rudd/Gillard government planned to spend on Education in Queensland this year has been slashed by the Abbott LNP government to the detriment of our children especially the majority of students who study in the public system.
Mr Cripps makes an ass of himself in trying to score a weak and nasty political point. He should instead, be explaining why his political party at the federal level is slashing public funding to some of the poorest people in Queensland.