Thankfully our federal LNP government shares valuable information with the public. Just the other day Treasurer Hockey advised us what we need to do if we ever wanted home ownership, what a kind man.
As it turns out the formula is pretty easy, according to our fearless leader all we need is a good secure job with great pay, who would have thought? It is a bit rich coming as it does from a government intent on attacking the minimum wage and lowering conditions, however I couldn’t dispute his theory. Straight out of the LNP handbook.
Once upon a time every man, woman and child could own a home of their own, now with Treasurer Hockey allowing large swathes of our great land and homes to be sold off to overseas well to do millionaires, we need the Foreign Review Investigation Board (FRIB) that the great The Right Honourable E.G. Whitlam introduced in the early 70s to be beefed up.
It seems that from this day forward home ownership will, according to Treasurer Hockey, will be forbidden to low income families including shop assistants, clerks, console operators and gardeners, oh well that’s the price of progress it seems.


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