As a progressive


As a progressive person my greatest fear is that Bill Shorten will not have the gumption to resign the federal leadership of the ALP in the face of the growing scandal enveloping him, concerning his sell out of his union members when he was the National Secretary of the AWU.
His moves to condemn workers to a 12 hour shift paying $18.5 per hour when they would have otherwise been able to earn $50.17 per hour in an Enterprise Agreement is unforgivable, end of story. This is simply treachery on behalf of this supposed union against its members. Shorten has nowhere to hide. His reluctance to do the honourable thing and resign his parliamentary seat and therefore declare the leadership of the ALP once again open simply allows his ego to ride roughshod over the ALP and its 40,000 members.
Now that he has been exposed there is nothing he can say that will clear him in the eyes of the public. He goes, and makes clear air for a person, who truly does believe in Labor values, or he stays and condemns the whole federal party to electoral failure, and saves Anthony Abbott’s bacon, nobody likes a charlatan. Anthony Abbott v Anthony Albanese looks to be shaping up as the contest of the next election, act swiftly and decisively Labor members who still have the values of the labour movement in their hearts.


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