Having just watched


Having just watched The Killing Season on ABC TV I am left with a deep sadness that when a couple of right wing anti-member unions are allowed to control a political party, their judgement simply is not good enough, and leads to the ruination of that party. To have had people like Bill Shorten and Paul Howes behind the scenes pulling the strings both AWU stooges, who are both anti-worker and anti-their own members as we have seen from recent revelations concerning Shorten selling out his own union members in 2004 to the tune of $32.02 an hour this disgraceful behaviour should not be rewarded by the labour movement or the labor party, not now, not ever.
Shorten comes from affluent stock and Howes was a street kid at 16 years of age, and has street cunning not to be mistaken for intelligence. Together these men had no idea about labour or the struggle of lowly paid working families, yet these two men were instrumental in the political assassination of two sitting Prime Ministers, both should be ashamed of themselves and the voting public should be angry with them for deciding who our PM would be.
Many people will say the unions should no longer be part of the labour party and to a big extent they are not, however two right wing supposed unions the AWU and the SDA who are the scourge of the union movement and should be forcibly removed from a political party that says it wants to improve wages and conditions for our humble lowly paid workforce, as both of these supposed unions act counter to the objectives that the Australian Labor Party publicly stand for.


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