The 30th of June


The 30th of June, the day all small businesses have waited weeks for in order to claim their new cars on the Abbott LNP government. A $20,000 gift/discount on your new car paid for by all taxpayers (23 million) to the 2 million small business owners, what a life, then LNP Treasurer and founder of Hockeynomics has the audacity to claim that the portion of the workforce who stand up for themselves, union members, are “leaners.” Look at the man himself, the $10 million man and ask the same question, “Are you a leaner Mr Hockey?”
We have a man on large wages (call it what you like, wages is an apt description) as a parliamentarian, and then as an extra, just a part of his perks we help him to pay of his wife’s house in Canberra at $270 per night for him to sleep in his wife’s house? Tell me Mr Hockey, “who is the leaner?” There seems to be an unspoken rule that some people in our society benefit greatly from government policy and that seems to be fine, as long as it is not the poor who really need the benefit of government policy. The philosophy seems to be if the LNP government deems you to have “had a go, (gambled you money) and made it (succeeded)” then we will give you more, if you are deemed to be “just” a hard worker, (a person who has made someone else wealthy) then you are on your own, and as a result will receive less and less government help.
We have had some shocking government numbers such as the $3.9 billion trade deficit, 6.0 per cent (756,000 people) unemployment and rising, recently and the media has sought to quietly report these facts, had the ALP been in government, these facts would have attracted large fanfare, is this media bias? Or is it simply an imbalance in reporting? Either way we, the citizens should be entitled to know the full score, all of the time, without political preference being given to either side of politics in this country.


2 thoughts on “The 30th of June

  1. Helen Holmes says:

    This is TOTALLY misleading – there is no $20,000 discount for businesses. Firstly they have to have or borrow the $20,000 and then they can claim the TAX portion back – that is 25% or 33% of the 20K. In previous years they would still have got this tax back, but spread out over several tax years – they can this year claim it in one go. They certainly don’t get a gift of $20K! The LNP seem to think that this is going to save the economy, but no business owner in their right mind is going to say ‘I’ve got an extra $5,000 back in tax so I’m going to employ an extra person’ – that amounts to a ‘massive’ $100 a week. Better than a poke in the eye but hardly game-changing for a business.

    • Helen, that is a hell of a lot more than pensioners who live below the poverty line will get this year, and is not the way that I read the legislation.
      Warm Regards, Shaun.

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