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We in North Queensland have waited


We in North Queensland have waited for a long time to see any great improvements in our lifestyle, just the other day some people were rudely interrupted by an ammonia spill at an industrial facility, now at last we have news of a ‘giant’ new proposed power plant to accommodate up to 80 per cent of N.Q. electricity demand, and furthermore it is non-polluting and safe and also renewable comprising of wind and solar power of 600Mw each of wind and solar bringing us 1,200 Mw of clean energy to be known as ‘Kennedy Energy Park.’
This is a dream come true for North Queensland, especially if the plans for a North Queensland food bowl come to fruition as the less atmospheric pollution the easier the produce will be to sell with the ‘clean green’ tag. Now the ball is in the Abbott LNP government’s court, as part of the $5 billion development fund, will they go for clean green energy or fall back to dirty, old technology, polluting coal? It would be situated just outside of Hughenden, bringing vital investment and jobs to our western neighbours, good for business, good for the health and wellbeing of North Queenslanders.

The different scare


The different scare campaigns adopted by the LNP over the decades are comical to think of in the present age of global power distribution, firstly they used the Soviet Union and Russia in particular which they described as ‘reds under the beds’, then later still trying to link the ALP with communism they used China as ‘the yellow peril’ however in the 21st century Australia is trading with both identities with China being our second largest trading partner because of the pioneering work done by the late Rt Hon Gough Whitlam QC.
With the advent of factional power being held by the extreme right wing faction of the LNP they have again opted for what I believe will ultimately be a failed model of their scare campaign, this time focusing on terrorism. Any moves made by terrorists to play havoc with Australia has been met with a stoic response by battle hardened Australians. We are a nation who has fought for our rights since our convict days and won’t be frightened into the last century response of clinging to conservative governments, we have seen through this plot, we are aware that Australia has hundreds of thousands of Muslims now, and as yet we have only seen one person go astray.
The next election will be fought on other issues such as government compassion and empathy for the poor, lack of performance at the helm of economic levers with rising unemployment, record low trade deficits and a sluggish economy that does not need more austerity measures, but a new approach to economic management to replace this dull and dire ultra conservative approach being dished out to us at present.

In decades past


In decades past we used to hear of ‘reds under the beds’ as the LNP scare campaign, now in the 21st century that has renewed itself as ‘terrorists under the beds’ with the LNP government trying to frighten the bejesus out of the Australian population by linking overseas terrorism with the importation of Muslim’s.
Yes, we had Man Monis at the Lindt café in Martin Place siege and he was a Muslim. To be honest I have been quite frightened myself until recently when I realized that the overwhelming majority of Muslims that have fled their own countries fled the type of terrorism displayed overseas.
When a son can murder his father as has happened recently in the AFL camp, it makes one realize that we have hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Australia, and so far only one has stepped out of line badly. Yes ASIO must keep an eye on the ratbags and prevent any attempt at terrorism. That is a task that they seem to have under control, so I have decided that I will worry no more, and trust the authorities to do their job and leave the LNP to their scare campaigns.

Since the 1990s


Since the 1990s the overpowering influence of the USA upon the humble Australian lifestyle has without doubt had a life changing effect in many ways. Before this period, we had things that were good, very good or excellent, nowadays things are “amazing, sensational,” or some other over the top adjective and to some of us oldies it becomes more than a bit repetitive. We have been turned into a consumer based society much similar to the USA, I would argue, for the worse.
I understand that we are supposed to change with the times, but really, I love to watch TV without constant advertisements, without someone trying to sell me products that I do not have the money to buy. Perhaps it is the frayed nerves after years of office torture? At last Subaru has come up with an entertaining advertisement that makes the most of Australiana which is comforting for a Japanese car maker (meant with the utmost sincerity).
I pose the question “why is it that the giant companies such as Coles and Woolworths produce the weakest, most boring and ridiculous ads,” that makes one appreciate the tranquillity of our nation’s national broadcaster, the ABC, so inviting.

The latest issue


The latest issue tearing the LNP apart is marriage equality, it has been firmly established that the party is dead set against anything that carries the descriptive adjective “public” as in public transport, or public education, however they are opening up new ground and now seem to oppose anything to do with equality as well.
This goes against the Liberal Party charter for freedom; it seems that some are freer than others much like some are more equal than others in their collective point of view. Christopher Pyne appeared on TV today saying that the party covered all views from small ‘l’ Liberals to conservatives, what Mr Pyne failed to say is that at the moment the extremist right wing conservative faction of the party ruled it with an iron fist and did not tolerate the views of small “l” liberals or anyone else for that matter including the public’s wishes.
Apparently up to 73% of Australian society approve of marriage equality, it is most worrying to know that this majority view could be stymied by a handful of extremist conservatives who have the LNP government in a firm grasp, much like a dictatorship.