The latest issue


The latest issue tearing the LNP apart is marriage equality, it has been firmly established that the party is dead set against anything that carries the descriptive adjective “public” as in public transport, or public education, however they are opening up new ground and now seem to oppose anything to do with equality as well.
This goes against the Liberal Party charter for freedom; it seems that some are freer than others much like some are more equal than others in their collective point of view. Christopher Pyne appeared on TV today saying that the party covered all views from small ‘l’ Liberals to conservatives, what Mr Pyne failed to say is that at the moment the extremist right wing conservative faction of the party ruled it with an iron fist and did not tolerate the views of small “l” liberals or anyone else for that matter including the public’s wishes.
Apparently up to 73% of Australian society approve of marriage equality, it is most worrying to know that this majority view could be stymied by a handful of extremist conservatives who have the LNP government in a firm grasp, much like a dictatorship.


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