It would seem that the house

It would seem that the house of cards that this LNP government is built on is about to fall and shatter into a thousand pieces, so many scandals going on it is definitely difficult to keep up with the scuttlebutt surrounding the divisions in the federal LNP. We have Ministers telling the Prime Minister than they would not back the (former) Speaker in a vote of no confidence, we have a Prime Minister that does not possess the ticker to sack her, we have the Trade Minister (Andrew Robb) doing his best to sell Australia out, in the TPP and all the while Hockeynomics is ruining the country with the media saying that Australia is about to lose our AAA credit rating which we achieved for the first time under a Labor government, and the LNP are telling us what superior economic managers they are, goodness gracious me, when will this circus come to an end?
The LNP are taking us backwards with this aversion to renewable energy and complaints about wind turbines, when the windmill has been the foundation of Australian agriculture which is also under fire from these incompetent twerps. The sugar sector it seems as if Barnaby Joyce may be preparing to sell out our sugar producers and what dairy we have left. What a mob, I’ve never seen anything like it in my life, the scandal, the backstabbing, and the government of the country in absolute crisis, for goodness sake Tony Abbott, hold an election so we ordinary Aussies can vote to redress this terrible situation.


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