Monthly Archives: October 2015


With the latest opinion polls showing increased support for the federal LNP government though no policy has changed is a demonstration of the relief shown by the electorate in the demise of the former Prime Minister. Perhaps when the honeymoon wears off in a few weeks’ time, when the electorate realizes that the cruel policies remain in place that are causing angst and anxiety among the poorer families of Australia this may change.
Until then it seems very clear that Bill Shorten simply is not up to producing policies that will benefit Australia’s workforce of 8 million people. Politics is being steered away from the ordinary person in the street in favour of the big end of town and working people are being viewed as worker bees that will simply be taken advantage of in order to continue to make the wealthy wealthier.
This is nowhere near the ‘fair go for all’ attitude that Australia has been known for in the past and divides us up into the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’ more in tune with the society of the USA than the Australia that we have come to know and love.