RE: GST draws mixed reviews Townsville Bulletin 02.11.15. It would seem that the wicked federal LNP government has had a scheme mapped out for us pensioners and low income families from the time that they were elected to punish us for being poor. With the advent of rumours emanating from Canberra regarding the increase to the rate of GST to 15% on everything including fresh food, it now seems that the extra $130billion that will be raised by increasing the great big new tax rate on everything we buy will push us further into poverty. It was revealed a month ago that 70% of pensioners were already living below the poverty line in Australia.
It is high time that our federal governments concentrated on making new laws to force the multitude of billion dollar multinational corporations who avoid paying their fair share of taxation to the government to pay, we have also seen stories of 75 millionaires in Australia who paid no tax at all in recent years, how can this be a fair go for the average Australian family who are struggling to make ends meet in an ever tightening economy, the government should look to recover revenue from the rich before they attack the poor. Compensation for the GST has never been enough for a tax that costs us $30 a month and compensates us with $20 per month, leaving us $10 per month worse off, it’s disgusting.


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