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Now that it has been confirmed

Now that it has been confirmed that 2015 was the hottest year in recorded history since 1880, surely governments of all political persuasions must understand that the era of fossil fuels is over and that now, more than ever renewable energy needs to be put into place to avoid further effects of climate change, e.g. floods, bushfires and strengthened cyclones, droughts and the rest. In an election year for the federal government I would expect Ewen Jones to be advocating for Stage 2 of the Burdekin Falls Dam to be built funded by a joint arrangement between both State and federal governments to produce both hydro-power and water security for the Herbert electorate.
On another matter I have heard that the Turnbull LNP government has sent 4,000 ATO jobs to the Philippines in recent times, could our local member please advise us on how this helps to recover the massive amount of taxation that the 579 corporate businesses in Australia dodged in the 2013/14 taxation year? This revenue would certainly assist in building much needed infrastructure in North Queensland. We definitely need a stronger voice for the Herbert electorate than we are currently receiving.

We were warned

We were warned last year that if nothing was done the 1% would by 2016 own half of the world’s wealth, and it has now happened. It has been widely reported today 18.01.16 that 62 people on Earth now have half of the world’s riches. We saw late last year that 579 Australian based businesses were classified as Corporate Bludgers for failing to pay any tax on their $100 mil plus turnovers and today just 18 days into the new year we see this report which demonstrates both the selfishness and the mental illness associated with this position namely “insatiable greed.”
The Abbott/Turnbull LNP government will not legislate to make things in Australia fairer for the everyday people unless there is a groundswell of people who understand that this is not the way things should be, and that with a change in policy governments can redistribute money much more equitably than occurs at present, for the greater good of all, not the few, as we have seen last Friday at Yabulu. Malcolm Frazer used to use a quote “life wasn’t meant to be easy” however life was never meant to be this hard either.
Australians are in general an apathetic mob but when it is pointed out to them that 62 people on earth have as much wealth as the combined total of the rest of the planet’s population, surely something must stir inside them?

Upon reading



Upon reading the Townsville Bulletin 05.01.16 story Turnbull fumes as old guard fumbles I felt a little sorry for the Prime Minister, as he is unable to act because of the factions within his party, Minister Dutton has committed an offense by sending insulting language via a public carriage text network and should lose his Ministry, surely this is not acceptable behaviour from a Minister of the Crown? Mr Turnbull is weakened by the factions within the Liberal Party, as it seems that Minister Dutton is leading the ultra conservatives, and was the Prime Minister to sack him; the government would fall into civil war. The LNP have never in recent history been less unified than they are at present.

We have seen the LNP begin with Mr Abbott, change to Mr Turnbull and then implode with Ministers Brough and Briggs having to leave the Ministry following bad behaviour, and then the scandal surrounding Mr Dutton. The government is becoming a rabble, and Mr Turnbull’s judgement is coming into question for selecting these people to be part of his Ministry, with conspiracy theories abounding involving Messers Abbott, Andrews, Abetz, Bernardi and others tearing the government to pieces.

Australians will not elect disunited political parties to govern, if the LNP cannot govern their members, we cannot trust them to govern Australia. We are still waiting on Mr Turnbull’s reaction to the 579 companies who turned over in excess of $100 million in the 2013/14 financial year who paid little to no tax?



Again we are reminded

Again we are reminded that the LNP government in Canberra are warring between their factions with the loss of Ian McFarlane from the Liberal Party to the National Party in the desperate hope that he be reinstated to the federal ministry. Now that Turnbull has knifed Abbott for the top job there are less ultra-right wing faction Ministers in the cabinet and that faction is very unhappy with the loss of influence within the government.
It seems that the reaction is a personal ego matter rather than a rejection of policy for McFarlane because Turnbull has kept the same policies as Abbott had, and threatens low to middle income families with a rise in the great big tax on almost everything, the GST, which will ravage low income families with a cost of living increase of 7% while at least 100 millionaires fail to pay any tax at all.
The rich are getting richer and the poor, poorer at a rapid rate under the Abbott/Turnbull LNP government, why must low and middle income earning families pay for the shortfall in taxation revenue that should be coming from millionaires and billionaires?