Again we are reminded

Again we are reminded that the LNP government in Canberra are warring between their factions with the loss of Ian McFarlane from the Liberal Party to the National Party in the desperate hope that he be reinstated to the federal ministry. Now that Turnbull has knifed Abbott for the top job there are less ultra-right wing faction Ministers in the cabinet and that faction is very unhappy with the loss of influence within the government.
It seems that the reaction is a personal ego matter rather than a rejection of policy for McFarlane because Turnbull has kept the same policies as Abbott had, and threatens low to middle income families with a rise in the great big tax on almost everything, the GST, which will ravage low income families with a cost of living increase of 7% while at least 100 millionaires fail to pay any tax at all.
The rich are getting richer and the poor, poorer at a rapid rate under the Abbott/Turnbull LNP government, why must low and middle income earning families pay for the shortfall in taxation revenue that should be coming from millionaires and billionaires?



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