There has never been a more exciting time

There has never been a more exciting time to be a pensioner, or so I’m told. Yes it is an hour by hour quest to keep one feed and watered, and maintain a roof over one’s head. Whilst surviving on the pension, in fact I’m almost certain that there exists as much innovation in our section of the community, as much talent on money management as exists in all the State’s and the federal treasuries combined.
Our home budget is micro managed to such an extent that we use the least amount of electricity, water, food and everyday items, the only factor that we cannot control is our health. We have paid our taxes all of our working lives (in our case 30 years plus) unlike corporations who turn over in excess of $100 million, and pay absolutely nothing.
Those who refuse to pay their ‘fair share of taxation’ to the nation where they derive their income in my humble opinion are ‘corporate bludgers’ and while we pensioners struggle to survive, those obscenely paid executives of industry and Vice Chancellors of well-established universities live the life of Riley on ‘our’ contribution to the taxation system, something is drastically wrong here and needs correction urgently if Australia is ever to return to being ‘the lucky country.’ What is Ewen Jones doing with regard to the 579 corporations who didn’t pay a cent of tax in the 2013/14 financial year? It is almost as though they decided that they had ‘their’ government in and so no longer needed to make a contribution.
P.S Ewen Jones is my local LNP federal politician.



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