In the case of…

In a case of the rats deserting the sinking ship both the National Party leader and the LNP Trade Minister are leaving the floundering Turnbull ship. Whilst the Liberal Party factions are fighting themselves within their party for pre-selection especially in New South Wales and the National Party dreading having Barnaby Joyce as party leader and thus Deputy Prime Minister, Ms Landry LNP member for Capricornia thinks of Barnaby as the rock star of the bush, the rest of us remember him as the accountant that couldn’t tell millions from billions.
With two federal LNP Ministers being lost in the past 6 weeks, and it appearing another could be lost as early as today the federal government is in turmoil. Mr Turnbull is looking to go to an election in the next 6 weeks before the misbehaviour of more LNP MPs becomes obvious and newsworthy. For goodness sake when the chance arrives to sack this incompetent and unruly LNP government, use it to progress our nation in a more equitable form.


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