The frustration of being



The frustration of being a policy free zone is beginning to tell on the Abbott/Turnbull government as they shrink away from the media because primarily they have nothing to say, on the other hand the Labor Opposition has handed out policy in several areas and the ALP looks very competitive in the polls.

We voters expected to see a huge change from the austerity policies of Mr Abbott, but instead were given the partial privatization of Medicare, where we will now have to pay for blood tests and pap smears among other pathology cost that were previously met by Medicare. We of course still pay the Medicare levy, but now we get less for the payment of that levy.

The people are at last awakening to the real LNP philosophy of a fully privatized Australia, one step at a time. They have successfully broken every pre-election promise made by the then leader Mr Abbott, they simply can’t be trusted to do anything to help ‘people’ and are only interested in helping ‘big business’ which does not include small business. On social media there are more and more calls for the calling of an election. C’mon Mr Turnbull pull the trigger.

P.S. Great to see that the overwhelming majority have finally woken up to Team Tyrell/ Townsville First/ Team Arlett poor judgement on Ms Arlett’s behalf to accept these failed Councillor’s on to her team.


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