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I am writing in relation to the State government’s $35 Billion infrastructure fund and Townsville’s share of that particular fund. I am not a member of any political party however it seems obvious to me that such a fund could do a lot if shared correctly with regional Queensland. So I submit the following idea’s for consideration. Firstly Queensland is the most decentralized State in Australia with the capital a long way from North Queensland (Sarina to the Torres Straight Islands). Whichever party is elected be it LNP or ALP the same basic funding formula is applied, I don’t recall a boost to North Queensland under the Newman LNP Brisbane centric State government, What has to change for the benefit of regional Queensland, that is Central and North Queensland is the funding formula to grow the State.

My proposal is for regional funding, South Queensland, Central and North Queensland. While the South region will always have the numbers in the terms of population and thus numbers of parliamentary seats (thus the majority) I suggest that perhaps the region of South Queensland should receive 40% of that funding with Central and North Queensland sharing 30% each. This would give the regions a huge boost in employment and boost our regional as well as our overall economies.

Failing this the time is now right for North Queensland to be its own State, with our commerce and minerals province to be shared around North Queensland, using the same elected representatives as we have now to begin the North Queensland parliament. This would see our massive mineral resources helping to build our State rather than go toward building $200 million highways in S-E Qld.

We have given the next Queensland government 4 years, now it is time that North Queensland built our own future as it seems obvious that we have never had any help from the Brisbane based State government.


Shaun Newman



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