In reply to Wayne


Letter to the Editor

*** As requested in the past by D.Bilton, I would appreciate the right of reply to Wayne 4812 in today’s TtE section.

In reply to Wayne TtE 22.03.16, what a shameless misrepresentation of my views by the Libs master texter, not that I am ‘Labor’s patron’ as he/she claims.

Yes I did agree with the ‘pink bats’ system, it was hungry ‘small business’ who did not comply with WH&S laws who were at fault in these cases and of course I feel sorry for the families of the 4 ‘victims,’ of small business failures, as for the school halls, you will find every school in Australia ‘private’ or ‘public’ making full use of these badly needed facilities, both these initiatives were in response to a ‘Global Financial Crisis’ or has Wayne conveniently forgotten that fact? Global actually means worldwide, Australia the ‘only’ country not to go into recession.

On to my thoughts as to why Labor opposed the greater audit powers for the ATO in my humble opinion was simply because the multinational tax avoidance continuing scandal was not an audit problem with the current laws, it was that simply the current laws are inadequate to deal with the problem, it is the law that needs to be changed and modernized. For example under current laws these corporates making in excess of $100 million per annum, with the multitude of taxation deductions that apply to them can legally go without paying taxes – this is the crux of the matter, the LNP Legislation tried to shift responsibility for the change of law that is still required. I believe that I stated ‘at least from 2013 when the LNP was elected’ if I did not, I sincerely apologize however what we now know is that these multinational have not paid a cent in tax at least from 2013 when the LNP were elected, it could have gone on much longer, I note that the LNP has not sought to investigate how long this situation has actually occurred, and most likely don’t want to know. The situation however, is unfair to PAYE employees who pay their taxes as a matter of course.

I am not a member of any party, merely an observer and a student in Australian politics, and the sleight of hand used so often by the LNP to protect their masters in corporate Australia. If I make plausible argument that you need to defend I’m flattered by your attention.


Shaun Newman


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