The obvious paralysis


The obvious paralysis within the LNP Turnbull government following the resignation of Minister Bruff around Christmas time, followed in quick succession by the sacking/resignations of both Minister Briggs and Minister Robert has split the Liberal Party almost down the middle. To add to the disunity within the Liberal Party, as if they needed any more disunity, is added to by the former Prime Minister Tony Abbott visibly destabilizing the government by taking every opportunity to comment on his successor keeping his wretched ultra-right wing policies.

All this political chatter is dragging support away from the disunited Liberal Party, and the last thing this party needed is renewed talk concerning Senator Sinodinos the LNP government’s Cabinet Secretary and his appearances before the NSW ICAC Corruption Commission. Mr Abbott is obviously running for re-election in a safe Liberal Party seat so as to have another go at the Liberal Party leadership, and thus he hopes, the Prime Ministership.

The nation took a giant gasp of relief when Mr Abbott was knifed by Mr Turnbull however, not the National Party who don’t like Mr Turnbull.  Mr Abbott openly states Mr Turnbull is running on Mr Abbott’s ultra-right wing policies that Australians dislike immensely, will logical thinking Australians really give this divided LNP another term of furious ultra-right wing LNP policies? If we re-elect the same government and expect a different result in policies with perhaps Mr Abbott back at the helm, we would be crazy. I don’t think we will, we have been badly burnt by the LNP and I for one don’t expect the Australian people to come back for more austerity policies, when we know that big business is not pulling their weight and their LNP mates are doing absolutely nothing to address the matter.


Shaun Newman


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