We were warned


We were warned last year that if nothing was done the 1% would by 2016 own half of the world’s wealth, and it has now happened. It has been widely reported on the 18.01.16 that 62 people on Earth now officially have half of the world’s riches. We saw late last year that 579 Australian based businesses were classified as Corporate Bludgers for failing to pay any tax on their $100 million plus turnovers and just 18 days into the new year we see this report which demonstrates both the selfishness and the mental illness associated with this position namely “insatiable greed.”

The Abbott/Turnbull LNP government will not legislate to make things in Australia fairer for the everyday people unless there is a groundswell of people who understand that this is not the way things should be, and that with a change in policy governments can redistribute money much more equitably than occurs at present, for the greater good of all, not the few, as we have seen recently at Yabulu. Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Frazer used to use a quote “life wasn’t meant to be easy” however I doubt that life was never meant to be this hard and unfair either.

Australians are in general an apathetic mob but when it is pointed out to them that 62 people on earth have as much wealth as the combined total of the rest of the planet’s population, surely something must stir inside them? With the release of the Panama papers yesterday, surely the unfairness of the situation must reverberate within the Australian community, as most of us struggle to survive with at least 2.5 million Australians living in poverty, surely the time has arrived to take some action to bring Australia back to the egalitarian state that it once was. I note that Monday’s Newspoll put Labor ahead of the Coalition for the first time since the last election, it seems as though it is time for a change.


Shaun Newman



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