The Townsville Bulletin


The Townsville Bulletin today April 11 gave us an amazing insight into the federal Liberal Party/ Liberal National Party in Queensland, concerning the LNP leader, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Most Australians are aware of the divided state of the federal government parties who are currently holding the reigns of the Australian government, however on page 28 of the Townsville Bulletin entitled ‘opinion’ “Libs’ turn for the worst – ‘Mal’s rise and the birth of the delcons’ we learnt for the first time that the anti-Turnbull faction within the party has been given a name by conservative journalist Miranda Devine, of “Delcons” which stands for ‘delusional conservatives.’ These ultra conservatives seem to worship former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, and his agenda, which Turnbull is thus far continuing with; there is also a strong suggestion that if the LNP win the coming election we will have the former PM back in the chair as PM.

More on this Townsville Bulletin page ‘Turnbull’s indecision undermines poll position’ speaks of an interview between the PM Turnbull and Eddie McGuire where McGuire was only able to ask three questions in ten minutes because of Turnbull’s waffling with corporate/political speak that we ordinary folk find annoying and evasive. The PM apparently attacked the Westpac bank on its 199th birthday for “having taken advantage of fellow Australians and the saving they have spent a lifetime accumulating” apparently this attitude conflicts with the ultra-conservative (Delcon) faction of the LNP, and when the Labor leader promised a Royal Commission into the finance industry because of the PMs speech, it was a policy that Turnbull rejected which lead to criticism that he and the LNP were protecting corrupt banks. In politics division is death, and in the LNP the division could not be wider or more evident, Australia needs a change from the LNPs austerity policies that punish the poor and reward the rich, let’s hope on July 2 we see a positive change for the future of our country.




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