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I write in reference to ‘Morrison’s giveaway’ which I read in the Courier Mail on the 23rd April 2016. This story seeks to expose one of the more blatant scams I can ever remember an Australian political party trying to sell to the public, if the ‘budget leak’ is indeed true. The story states that the Treasurer intends to give working people from low wage – $37,000 p.a. to high wage – $180,000 a tiny tax cut so thereby delaying the effect of bracket creep to a more convenient time for the LNP. A time when an election is not imminent, this tactic is so transparent that it is easily seen through.

While on the question of tax cuts, many of us are wondering why there has been no action on the following link http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-12-17/almost-600-companies-did-not-pay-tax-in-2013-14/7036324 the only action that this LNP government has taken in the past 5 months, since this, and similar reports have been publicly available, is to give the ATO beefed up powers of audit, which does not address this issue. The corporate taxation law needs to abolish the loop holes that these companies, who take in excess of $100 million p.a. and pay no tax, use, in fact they have not paid ‘any’ tax in at least the past 3 years that the LNP have occupied the government benches, maybe even longer?

There is no fairness or equity in this situation where the honest tax paying public who pay either PAYE taxation or GST or both are concerned. Former Treasurer Hockey said “we must ‘all’ make a contribution” to Australia’s economy, yet nearly 40% of corporate Australia have paid absolutely nothing for years, and hundreds more corporate companies are paying 5% or less. It is blatantly obvious that loop holes must be closed and/or new legislation introduced into the federal parliament urgently to collect a ‘fair share’ of taxation from these ‘corporate’ bludgers. The LNP have had at least 5 months in which to do something on our behalf and haven’t. We need a government who will collect a fair share of tax from ‘all.’ Perhaps a Labor government is the only way for the Australian workforce to obtain taxation justice.


Shaun Newman



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