We have had a lot of debate


Letter to the Editor/ Ewen Jones MP

We have heard a lot of debate in the federal parliament lately about revenue raising measures, concerning negative gearing and Capital Gains Tax, I am bewildered by the lack of questions or answers concerning the following link http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-12-17/almost-600-companies-did-not-pay-tax-in-2013-14/7036324 .

All working people contribute to the tax system in this country and so do most small business people so it is therefore very unfair for businesses that turn over in excess of $100 million to escape from a contribution to this great nation. PAYG taxpayers and small businesses seem to be carrying this nation and I cannot fathom why? I feel particularly angry that the corporations mentioned in this link only take without giving back to our country.

I have asked our federal member informally for an update on this matter, in particular, how many of the 579 companies who have paid nothing since the election of an LNP government in Canberra have been forced to contribute even a minimum of taxes? To date I have had no reply. I am sending this letter to Ewen Jones MP formally now in last ditch effort as a patriotic Australian to get an answer. Hopefully the Townsville Bulletin will engage the current member for Herbert for an answer in the name of community spirit that the paper is famous for.


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