Bill Shorten


Bill Shorten began his election campaign in North Queensland, listening to, and advocating for, everyday Australians. It was a relatively quiet beginning. As the weeks have gone past, Bill Shorten has stepped up a gear, at the same time Malcolm Turnbull is looking old and tired, in the past week Shorten is really taking on the LNP government and advocating for everyday Australians to be put before a planned $48 billion tax cut to corporate Australia. The Labor Party argument seems to be essentially that the Australian people should come before billion dollar companies, and that the Labor Party would use the $48 billion that the LNP feel they can do without, to actually help struggling Australian families with services like better education and improvements to Medicare, and I believe more of the Australian electorate are beginning to focus on the difference between the two parties as the election draws closer.

Many working families are beginning to feel the pinch now, without the “school children’s bonus” and the loss of family tax “b”, the 75% of the workforce who are paid below $80,000 p.a. are really doing it tough. Add to that the temporarily shelved increase to the GST, the temporarily shelved GP co-payment that the GPs are campaigning against, and possible $100,000 university fees for any child who might make it through to university from the ranks of the working poor. Australians have high hopes for their children and don’t appreciate the $80 billion cut from the federal LNP to the State governments for the important areas of health and education, we should be investing in “all” of our youth, not just those from families who can afford vastly increased university fees.

The future prospects under an LNP regime, who deliberately legislate against the working poor such as the delay in being able to apply for the dole, and other benefits completely withdrawn mean that in this election it is no longer possible to flirt with minority political parties, this time, we must vote Labor.


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