The 51st State

The 51st and best State of the United States in which to live until recent decades has in the recent past seen some very disturbing situations, while under conservative rule. We have seen the treatment of minorities come in to public scrutiny in many ways. We have seen the growth sector of poverty increase the number of Australians to in excess of 2.5 million Australians living below the poverty line, and many social problems related to poverty, crime food shortages etc. come to public notice.
The solutions that we trust governments to supply to these situations are not forthcoming from conservative governments. There is a transition underway but it is not so much a transitioning economy, as it is a transition of wealth away from the general public and towards those who are already wealthy, thanks to conservative government policies. These governments do not rate well on matters of “people” or of “poverty” or of “the ever widening gap between rich and poor” as government policy is facilitating the worsening in all three situations.
It appears to me that the conservatives primary job is to shovel “our” taxpayers money into multinational corporations, who themselves pay little to no tax for the betterment of Australian society, very much similar position to the other 50 States.
Shaun Newman


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