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The profound nastiness of the Turnbull government

Yes indeed almost the end of a very nasty era.

No Place For Sheep

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It was inevitable that any opposition by the ALP or Greens to Abbott’s reeking legacy, the proposed plebiscite on marriage equality, would provide the Turnbull government with the ammunition to  claim (with confected indignation) that both parties are creating an obstacle that thwarts an opportunity for same-sex marriage.

There are bound to be those who accept this warped inversion, however they are likely to be the same groups and individuals that reject marriage equality anyway.

What this situation reveals yet again is the profound nastiness of the LNP. This nastiness (there really isn’t a better word for it, their attitude towards their fellow humans is as base as that) has been evidenced in Treasurer Scott Morrison’s decision to deprive the unemployed and pensioners in order to fix his budget, and the vengeful exercise of raw power as illustrated by Peter Dutton’s ongoing implacability over asylum seekers and refugees. It’s reflected in…

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My letter refers to Sex

My letter refers to ‘Sex abuser preyed on autistic girl’ TB 29.08.16. There is something definitely wrong with the Queensland law in relation to paedophiles as in this case in Townsville and other cases around the State in the recent past. The responsibility for sentencing lies with the judiciary, however it would be difficult to imagine a more defenceless case than that of an autistic 5 year old girl without speech, who had allegedly been interfered with since she was 3. The headline sentence sounds relatively soft at 5 years in gaol, however when you consider that with good behaviour this animal may be walking around in our community in just over 18 months, my blood runs cold.

This is either the fault of the Queensland judiciary not understanding the wishes of the community, or the responsibility it rests with the parliamentarians to legislate much stronger laws in sentencing respect. Either the judiciary or the Queensland Labor Government must stand up and play their part, because it simply is not acceptable for paedophiles to receive anywhere from 6 months to 18 months for a crime that stays with the victim for life.


Youths exploit system TB 05.08.16 Kids in no fear of law. Some of us look at the situation from a different angle. Having had a linkage to a way of life and culture for 60,000 years, and having to adjust to a new lifestyle after so many years cannot be an easy task. Add to that discrimination on the employment front and living in poverty and it is an unenviable situation for these families, they may well be dysfunctional but they have not had any government help to skill them for living in 21st century Australia.

As far as I know Aboriginal and Torres Strait Australians have received no monetary compensation for either their land or their wages that were kept by government in the early years of European settlement of this country, both are still owed to these people in full. As part compensation they could be skilled in our ways and given meaningful employment looking after the land that they love so much. A people without hope and living in poverty do some strange things.

On the first occasion

On the first occasion since the election that the Prime Minister has had to exercise his initiative, discretion and judgement, he has failed in that judgement with former Justice Martin today resigning from the NT Royal Commission. Mr Turnbull’s choice of Commissioner has now been replaced with two co-Commissioners, close to what Opposition Leader Shorten had suggested.

The shaky rebirth of the conservative government has begun with turmoil within the CLP/L&NP/LNP government and this also shaky decision, has come to bite Mr Turnbull on the bum. Goodness knows he has more than enough trouble with his extremist right wing faction and their agitators closely watching every move he makes without the PM coming to hasty overnight decisions.

This could indeed be the shortest living government in living memory.