My letter refers to Sex

My letter refers to ‘Sex abuser preyed on autistic girl’ TB 29.08.16. There is something definitely wrong with the Queensland law in relation to paedophiles as in this case in Townsville and other cases around the State in the recent past. The responsibility for sentencing lies with the judiciary, however it would be difficult to imagine a more defenceless case than that of an autistic 5 year old girl without speech, who had allegedly been interfered with since she was 3. The headline sentence sounds relatively soft at 5 years in gaol, however when you consider that with good behaviour this animal may be walking around in our community in just over 18 months, my blood runs cold.

This is either the fault of the Queensland judiciary not understanding the wishes of the community, or the responsibility it rests with the parliamentarians to legislate much stronger laws in sentencing respect. Either the judiciary or the Queensland Labor Government must stand up and play their part, because it simply is not acceptable for paedophiles to receive anywhere from 6 months to 18 months for a crime that stays with the victim for life.


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