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The Shit Media Storm

The tories are off their heads, looking for diversions to their policy scandals.

Media Inequality

What I’ve witnessed in the last 28 hours, as South Australian has been experiencing the most severe weather event the Bureau of Meteorology says we have ever had, is the perfect case study of the absolute incompetency of the mainstream media and their desperation to turn absolutely every news story into a political contest, no matter the facts, logic, science and you know, reality.

South Australia’s weather event might be once in a lifetime. But the reporting is run of the mill, every day, and as pathetic as it always has been. I could write all night about the problems with the media’s framing of the unexpected state-wide blackout, but really it all boils down to this: the media jumps to conclusions based on politicised, populist statements from political players, without checking facts, without checking the validity of those statements, without questioning the likelihood of those statements representing truth, and…

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Truth to power. Part One.

No Place For Sheep


The other evening I was musing on the mainstream media reporting and pursuit of Labor Senator Sam Dastyari over  the Senator asking a Chinese benefactor to cover his travel costs, and then making a supportive statement, contrary to both government and opposition positions, on China’s activities in the South China Sea.

I was comparing this to the relative lack of interest in pursuing Steve Irons, the WA Turnbull government MP who stole taxpayer money to pay travel expenses for himself and his new wife to their wedding in Melbourne and back to Perth. I tweeted this:

The first response was from a Fairfax journalist taking me to task for using the blanket term “MSM.” After hooting a little at the notion…

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The importance of continuing


The importance of continuing counselling for our vets, in this case the Vietnam vets needs to be placed above the austerity policies of this federal government, of course I am referring to TB-Fear for vets 29.09.16. These men, some of whom were conscripted, fought for their country in a very unpopular war, for which ‘they’ received criticism instead of recognition when they returned, deserve better than the federal government is providing them with..

To now say that contrary to an email received by the (VVCS) counsellors that treatment had been ‘capped’ that “Funding for mental health care for “eligible” members of the veteran community is uncapped, demand driven and is available for as long as the client requires it.” These are simply weasel words; the applicable word in the sentence is “eligible.”

The “eligibility” should simply be that one can prove that they are a veteran of the many wars Australian governments have followed their coalition partners into. And as John Hannon (veteran) quite rightly states “They shouldn’t send us to war if they don’t want to mend us.” Australia has engaged in many wars for many excuses (not good reasons). One such war was fought on the premise that the enemy had “weapons of mass destruction” which they had been warned was false, but continued under that premise anyway.


Goodness me AoG


Goodness me, I nearly chocked on by Vita-Brits yesterday as I read in TB- Hayne stunned to discover he will soon be dad firstly I was astounded to know that any footballer in Australia was paid $1.2 Million a season, and secondly, as readers who have followed my LttE over the past two decades would understand my criticism of religious institutions, “Friends say the devout Christian, who joined the Hillsong Church in 2008.”

It was then I nearly chocked, Hillsong, aka ‘Calvary in Townsville’ is the newest brand name for the US of A supposedly religious cult – the Assembly of God. From then on I understood how this devout Christian could have had ‘unprotected pre-marital sex’ with a lady that he only ‘briefly knew’ in February of this year. I note he has now moved the lady into his Gold Coast apartment and promises to support her, that is fine, but I also note there was no suggestion of ‘marriage’, so I expect the devout Assembly of God Christian to continue to ‘live in sin’.

The hypocrisy of this cult is astounding; though they have changed their name to include “Church” their standards remain low, last time I checked AoG demanded 10% of their member’s earnings to that’s a nice cool $120,000 per annum of pure profit for the officers of the cult!




Turnbull welcomes nice refugees who wait to be invited.

Equality has a place among refugees.

No Place For Sheep


Just when you thought the Australian government’s treatment of refugees held on Manus Island and Nauru could not descend any deeper into the slough of moral repugnancy, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announces that he will accept for resettlement refugees from camps in Costa Rica.

At the same time, the PM gave fleeting mention to the 12,000 hand-picked Syrian refugees we were supposed to welcome months ago, but who seem to have become terminally enmeshed in security procedures more stringent than those of any other western democracy because, well, we’re precious like that.

The refugees we are accepting are the nice refugees, while those held captive in life-extinguishing misery are not nice refugees. That’s why they’re held in life-extinguishing misery: no punishment is too great for people who are not nice refugees, even death.

All those not nice people who wouldn’t queue.

Or people who are in general not nice, really…

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Clinton’s Narrative Has Arrived

The tories are tories the world over, all conservatives are selfish and self centered.

Media Inequality

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks during a campaign stop, Monday, April 25, 2016, in Wilmington, Del. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke) Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks during a campaign stop, Monday, April 25, 2016, in Wilmington, Del. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Ever since Hillary Clinton clinched the Democratic Party nomination, I’ve been waiting for her political narrative to emerge. Just like when you’re waiting for a bus and it’s taking an age to appear, I was starting to feel a bit anxious about whether this narrative would turn up at all. In the meantime, the Trump narrative has been spiralling into unchartered depths of hate with a mix of lunacy and apocalypse. It became obvious a while ago that the overarching theme of Clinton’s narrative would have to be a message of hope, to juxtaposition against Trump’s narrative of despair. But the question I’m sure Clinton’s team have been working on, and finding quite difficult to answer, is how to use hope to argue against the message of despair, when the…

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I write on behalf


I write on behalf of my fellow disadvantaged Australians who are struggling along with their lives and are losing charitable institutions formerly funded by our federal government. These include help with legal advice and other charitable help for the three million Australians living below the poverty line, some of these people are the working poor, for whom only part time or casual work is available.

We have patiently waited for three long years to be given some assistance but sadly the opposite is happening we are in fact losing benefits and in NSW even the public hospitals have been privatized, restricting the poor even further. It is inhumane to charge sick people to park at hospitals yet it happens throughout the country. The federal government cut $50 Billion out of the Health portfolio in 2014 and have not replaced it.

Australia used to be a land of hope and aspiration, in the past three years it has been turned into a nation of no hope and desperation for a big slice of our population, and we have had a gut full of it. It’s time for ‘the fair go’ to make a comeback in this country, we’ve had enough and we’re not going to take it anymore.

Some weeks ago

Some weeks ago this petition was circulated calling for justice in a paedophile case, where the son of car racing legend Jack Brabham, Gary Brabham was sentenced to 6 months in gaol for raping a 6 year old girl. The petition has raised in excess of 43,000 signatures of angry people and still the Queensland Attorney General will not comment or appeal this sentence, why?

The non-reply leaves us to our own imagination, is there a paedophile ring in the Queensland judiciary, does this man have political connections, something is very wrong here when an explanation from my local three State MPs either do not reply or put me off. I have emailed each MP, also the AG, and the Premier, all to no avail.

I am concerned about this subject and I understand the effect that an attack of this kind can have on a 6 year old girl. I have a dear friend who still lives with an attack of this kind when she was 6 years old; she is in her late 40s now, but still relives the ordeal every day. This is NOT good enough, a human being’s life hangs in the balance, and the least we the public can expect is this monster be separated from our community for 20 or so years. The public want to see criminals such as this pay, and pay big time for the sexual assault of minors.


Townsville unemployment currently 14.5% 24.09.16


I took special note of a Bulletin story on Saturday 17th September titled simply ‘STRUGGLE DEEPENS’ as this concerned the plight of my fellow Townsvillians, in our worsening economic position. The shocking facts that 35,000 of our number had to contact the following charitable organizations for help truly demonstrates their lack of adequate income in able to make ends meet and their desperation, as most of these people would have high pride.

The Queensland Public Interest Law Clearing House (QPILCH),NQ Community Services and The Townsville Drop-In Centre Inc all registering increases, because of Townsville’s deteriorating economy and rising unemployment.The federal government needs to do much more than contribute to a stadium being built in Townsville to help these 35,000 “people” back into the workforce in Townsville, one way would be to support renewable energy and the jobs that would create.

At this time when Townsville is at its lowest ebb the federal LNP government is planning to cut legal aid by 30% guaranteeing that the QPILCH could not survive to advise people struggling through no fault of their own on legal advice on tenancy to marriage break ups. So little does this federal government actually care about “people’ who are down on their luck?

Townsville people who actually care about the plight of their fellow Townsvillians should rally in support of ‘our’ families. As I see it, the situation begins with the federal LNP government refusing to apply taxation to their mates in corporate Australia. We lose tens of billions of dollars each and every year to revenue to ‘our’ Treasury. If these tens of billions were forthcoming, the federal government could easily afford to fund organizations such as the QPILCH, and properly fund State governments so that they too could assist their “people”, that this situation does not happen, let’s down the whole of the Australian population, and especially those ‘doing it tough.’ It has become far too late for half-hearted solutions, we must receive federal government funding to keep these marvellous charitable institutions alive.


Shaun Newman

Finally the Bulletin


Finally the Bulletin is getting to the crutch of the matter with the Queensland Government’s neglect of Townsville youth crime. It seems to matter not one iota which government is in power in Brisbane, they are ‘all’ Brisbane-SE corner centric, as the Friday story Wave of arrests as questions arise over juvenile offenders – Blitz hits but teen walks. I congratulate the Bulletin journalists for thinking of a new headline for the same story that I have seen a hundred times over recent decades.

The reality is that the S-E corner has the majority of the population, and therefore the highest number of MPs and Ministers, in reality nothing can be done about this fact. That said Yvette D’Ath would have to be one of the slackest Attorney-Generals’ that Queensland has had, except for the most recent past LNP one. They really don’t care what happens in juvenile crime 1,200 klms away from them, in North Queensland. The band aid solution they have instituted will arrest more villains, but our laws in sentencing will bail them to do it again, same night.

As far as my State member announcing “It’s really not a job for politicians to interfere with the work of police and the court” I would ask the member whose job is it then to legislate minimum sentences in line with community standards, Batman!

We elect politicians to parliaments to change laws were change is badly needed by our communities; this IS the job of a politician. Currently it seems that both property criminals and paedophiles are getting away almost Scott free, this Queensland government will need to lift their game if they don’t want to face the same fate as their predecessors. We thought we were electing a progressive government, not a lazy one.