Once again we are reminded

Once again we are reminded of the push to have Mason’s Law legislated in the Queensland parliament. How young Mason lost his life was a terrible shame, especially considering photo’s had been taken of his poor little battered and bruised little body beforehand yet, no legal action was taken. Hopefully, following this parliamentary sitting of the Queensland parliament, the Government will legislate Mason’s Law from theory into practice; and hopefully the appropriate sentencing will be applied for perpetrators who commit such cowardly acts upon children.

Queensland law needs serious urgent upgrading of penalties applied to perpetrators of crimes against children. Bashing and/or raping children in this State must be accompanied by harsh penalties that are measured in years, not as is currently the case, months. It is incumbent upon our legislature to apply gaol terms to these crimes as a deterrent, as we the general public do not want these evil creatures circulating within our Queensland community.


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