The importance of continuing


The importance of continuing counselling for our vets, in this case the Vietnam vets needs to be placed above the austerity policies of this federal government, of course I am referring to TB-Fear for vets 29.09.16. These men, some of whom were conscripted, fought for their country in a very unpopular war, for which ‘they’ received criticism instead of recognition when they returned, deserve better than the federal government is providing them with..

To now say that contrary to an email received by the (VVCS) counsellors that treatment had been ‘capped’ that “Funding for mental health care for “eligible” members of the veteran community is uncapped, demand driven and is available for as long as the client requires it.” These are simply weasel words; the applicable word in the sentence is “eligible.”

The “eligibility” should simply be that one can prove that they are a veteran of the many wars Australian governments have followed their coalition partners into. And as John Hannon (veteran) quite rightly states “They shouldn’t send us to war if they don’t want to mend us.” Australia has engaged in many wars for many excuses (not good reasons). One such war was fought on the premise that the enemy had “weapons of mass destruction” which they had been warned was false, but continued under that premise anyway.



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