I refer to SICKENING FOR STAFF TB 05.10.16 also to Union imposing terms LttE same day. The first story is of staff at the Townsville Tertiary Hospital being bullied and being hit with huge workloads and the inability of Australia’s Weakest Union (AWU) to assist their members, as the situation is ongoing, this is precisely why I have referred to the C.F.M.E.U in the past as being “a fair dinkum union” a union who are prepared to provide industrial representation in a no nonsense fashion, as opposed to this weak union who are not prepared to go in boots and all for their members. The AWU have always been thus.

The second item is more personal scorn from one of Townsville’s chief extreme right wing conservative writers who tries to emulate Andrew Bolt but falls short on every occasion. He argues that union members should not be strongly represented by “fair dinkum unions” and that, because these members are contractors that a union should not represent them? If I were in a situation of being sacked with the offer of re-employment on 64% pay reduction I would be looking to my union to lobby as hard as possible on my behalf, as I believe every union member would. I believe in having as much insurance as is possible in life, because one never knows when or how life will change from one day to the next.



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