Unbelievable is how I’d describe



Unbelievable is how I would describe reading TB – Double dip in hiring bonus 04.10.16 then reading the bleating of the same small business owners later in the same edition of the paper Penalty rates are more than small businesses can stand LttE where the small businesses were whinging about having to pay good rates of pay for 8 days a year, then go on to whinge about the rate for 20 year old’s when the only people they employ are 15-16-17 year olds. The first story describes how businesses were rorting the Queensland Governments employment initiatives by claiming money for more people than they were hiring.

These people never tell you how much they make in the good weeks, they are like punters, only tell you what they lost, never what they won. I worked with a nephew of my bosses family, who had told me his grandmother, a former small business woman had told him to spend nothing of his pay, to save a thousand dollars then you have “nothing” (in other words tell anyone who asks that you have nothing). Insatiable greed is their God!

Then the author goes on to ask would the industrial representative pay double and a half for a coffee and a sandwich, if small business people who make plenty of profit on a cup of coffee with a dash of milk and sometimes a serving of sugar that can be made at home for 50 cents, and two slices of bread with mixed fillings perhaps a dollar at home, (at home we do not pay trade price on materials as well as claim them on tax) should not be whinging about paying their workers, when they are charging like wounded bulls the other 357 days of the year, and if they feel as though they could get away with it, they could charge a surcharge on public holidays.

These people want to have it both ways, which is not good enough, we all take the good with the bad, and these precious puppies should be no different. If they don’t like paying good wages on 8 days per annum, my suggestion is that they should do the ‘work’ themselves and save the money, then they would have “nothing.”.



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