Townsville has seen


Townsville has seen many changes over the past 40 years, 40 years ago times were tough for working people and those times have returned in the past 3 years, under the Abbott/Turnbull government’s austerity policies. Australia has nearly 3 million people living in poverty with 731,000 children having to survive these conditions. It is little wonder that crime is rising, as not all people are able to manage what little money they receive in a frugal way. A return of WorkChoices legislation including the ABCC is set to return also.

The causes of crime need to be addressed, as the Queensland government is currently doing, in the hope that some families living in poverty for whatever reason can be helped. Sadly due to the federal austerity policies, we have seen recent examples of intellectually disabled people having to try to explain why they are on the DSP payment, how cruel can this government get?

The only growth sector at present is the number of Australians living in poverty, and as for jobs, 1,101,000 Australians are currently unemployed, with at least 19 people applying for any job advertised. A further 1,002,000 people are under employed, not earning enough money to keep themselves, according to Roy Morgan Research’s latest report.




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