I took special note

I took special note of a Bulletin story on Saturday 17th September titled simply ‘STRUGGE DEEPENS’ as this concerned the plight of my fellow Townsvillians, in our worsening economic position. The shocking facts that 35,000 of our number had to contact the following charitable organizations for help truly demonstrates their lack of adequate income in able to make ends meet and their desperation, as most of these people would have high pride.

The Queensland Public Interest Law Clearing House (QPILCH),NQ Community Services and The Townsville Drop-In Centre Inc all registering increases, because of Townsville’s deteriorating economy and rising unemployment.The federal government need s to do much more than contribute to a stadium being built in Townsville to help these 35,000 “people” back into the workforce in Townsville, one way would be to support renewable energy and the jobs that would create.

At this time when Townsville is at its lowest ebb the federal LNP government is planning to cut legal aid by 30% guaranteeing that the QPILCH could not survive to advise people struggling through no fault of their own on legal advice on tenancy to marriage break ups. So little does this federal government actually care about “people’ who are down on their luck?

Townsville people who actually care about the plight of their fellow Townsvillians should rally in support of ‘our’ families. As I see it, the situation begins with the federal LNP government refusing to apply taxation to their mates in corporate Australia. We lose tens of billions of dollars each and every year to revenue to ‘our’ Treasury. If these tens of billions were forthcoming, the federal government could easily afford to fund organizations such as the QPILCH, and properly fund State governments so that they too could assist their “people”, that this situation does not happen, let’s down the whole of the Australian population, and especially those ‘doing it tough.’ It has become far too late for half-hearted solutions, we must receive federal government funding to keep these marvellous charitable institutions alive.


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