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It had to happen

It had to happen; the Queensland LNP is currently in absolute turmoil from ‘their’ Senator Brandis to the invisible Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls ‘without policies’ for Queensland. The Queensland LNP Senator labelling the Queensland LNP Opposition as “very mediocre” and failing to apologize to their Queensland leader. As far as the Queensland public are aware the only policy the LNP has is to privatize all State government services, the issue on which the Newman government lost the last election on after only one term.

At the federal level the Senator has been embroiled in a situation that appears on the strength of available evidence to be in an attempt to transfer a billion dollars of federal taxes to the State of West Australia, at the expense of every other State and Territory in Australia? With the One Nation party gaining 16% of the Queensland vote according to surveys, the LNP are on a slippery slope and are terrified of the prospect of losing even more seats in the Queensland parliament than they lost to lose government in the last Queensland election.

The resultant effect on the national parliament could also be catastrophic for the L&NP federal government in so many ways. The lacklustre performance of the Turnbull government would not be assisting the conservatives either. The federal party has severely cut “people” benefits, and should be planning a 19% tax upon the foreign corporations who operate within this country tax free, instead of trying to punish tourists for having the audacity to want to visit Australia as backpackers.



A Casual Conversation about Politics in Regional QLD

Trish Corry as usual spot on.

The Red Window

cup-of-teaThis is just a recount of a casual conversation I had about politics the other day when a friend asked me what I thought of Pauline Hanson. 

I had a casual conversation with a lady yesterday. She asked me what I thought about Pauline Hanson. I said “Hate her guts, why do you ask?”

I then said, “I’m quite involved in politics and I vote Labor, I’m not interested in Hanson, she tries to pit group against group and make us hate each other.”

She then said, “Oh I dunno, It seems wrong to me that only white people can get sued if they say something wrong and it isn’t fair that people come here and try to change our laws. I mean they come here from other countries and try to change Australian Laws.”

I said “Which ones?”

She said, “That we can’t have Christmas.”

I said, “But who or…

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A Casual Conversation about Politics in Regional QLD

This is just a recount of a casual conversation I had about politics the other day when a friend asked me what I thought of Pauline Hanson.

Source: A Casual Conversation about Politics in Regional QLD

Surely the good people of Townsville.


Surely the good people of Townsville understand that the State Labor Government is doing their best to curb juvenile crime in our city with the whole of government response which is trying to build a positive pathway for these troubled children. The extremists here would just support a lock them up and throw away the key approach; however this current government is looking for a long term approach in trying to make as many offenders as possible into good citizens, using positive programs, such as ‘back to country.’.

The issues are complex and many, and in my humble opinion I support the government in their quest to produce good responsible citizens out of these juvenile offenders so they can continue their lives on a positive path. Dealing with families living in poverty with the community against them does not achieve anything. The program that the Elders’have developed and other healing programs may just produce what the Townsville community is looking for, it won’t happen in 5 minutes, but it will happen.

Worlds Apart

Global labour v Global capital it has always been thus, except now capital are winning hands down.

Media Inequality

Mind the Gap sign on the edge of a London Underground Tube station's platformThere are two types of progressives. Until these progressives unite and find a common voice, a common message, a common set of policies to unite behind, instead of bickering amongst ourselves, there will be more Trump-like wins coming to an electorate near you. Before you stop reading and start commenting that I’m generalising, and that you don’t fit one of the two sides discretely, save yourself the hassle because I’ve heard it all before. I’m not talking about you in particular. I’m talking about all of us. That’s what generalising is, and sometimes, in politics, you have to generalise in order to see clearly.

The two types who are currently worlds apart can concisely be described as those benefiting from globalisation and those who aren’t. Let’s call them the global progressives versus anti-global progressives. In some places, like the US, the divide can be simplified into country versus city folk

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Six job vacancies, immediate start

I write to comment on the Townsville Bulletin story – Six job vacancies: immediate start.

For many years Australian Cricket has witnessed an envied bias toward players who either play for New South Wales or who were born there. This bias must be very disheartening for players in other States, who were also good players. Because of this preferential treatment of NSW players, so many have been passed over, in the years that have passed that it would be nearly impossible to name them all. Queensland have also produced many notable players for example Matthew Hayden, Australia’s best ever opening batsman, who had to wait for years, scoring over 1,000 runs consistently in Shield Cricket before he finally got the nod. Our current batsman Chris Lynn should be playing Test Cricket in my humble opinion.

In the team that has just failed, again, there were seven NSW current or former players from the XI-eleven. The other players who were picked such as Callum Ferguson should have been playing Test Cricket at his prime at least five years ago, but was overlooked in favour of a NSW player at that time. This has to stop, this political influence from Cricket NSW in the back rooms of Australian Cricket, pressuring the selectors to pick their players. The best players from “all” states should be picked; the problem being, if on occasions that situation does occur and the player fails first up they never receive another opportunity, or very rarely, as in Matthew Hayden’s case.

Australia is being badly mismanaged

Australia is being badly mismanaged yet we “the people” are being fed a constant diet of balderdash and false figures, we are all wondering why things are so tough for us, but do not understand that the median Australian wage, the wage the most Australian workers are paid, is only $43,000 per annum, less tax, which leaves most of us with only $35,000 per annum with which to pay rates/rent, electricity, food, school uniforms, shoes and clothing and miscellaneous items. No wonder the everyday Australian family is doing it tough, especially if only one parent is able to work; we have high unemployment to add insult to injury and the current federal government has no plan to reverse this situation.

Before 2013 families were helped to cope with low wages by government benefits, such as family tax benefit ‘B’ however in 2016, most of those benefits have been abolished by the current government, and many government services and assets have been privatized by some conservative (L&NP) State governments, all of which leaves the everyday Australian family trying to cope and feeling that they are doing something wrong, which is not the case. We must return Australia to the Australian “people” before even more government services are sold out from underneath us to corporations whose only motive is profit, which in turn means if you can’t afford health services you go without, as happens in the United States of America, in North America.

Australians have always fought for a fair go in the past, and if they don’t stand as one now, this once great country will be completely lost forever to the control of foreign corporations who avoid paying income taxes, which would be of benefit to Australian “people.”

Let’s face it we will all get old

Let’s face it, we will all get old. Funding cuts to aged care target most vulnerable TB 09.11.16 LttE explains that in the past 3 years this cruel, mean and nasty federal L&NP government has cut $3 Billion, not million from the aged care budget, and not satisfied with that, are cutting a further $1.8 Billion from the aged care budget, which will negatively affect the most frail and vulnerable of our parents, which I find despicable and disgusting, but in line with their general approach to everyday Australian “people “who have worked hard all their lives and expect ‘decent’ treatment in their twilight years.

This is a letter I sent to the Townsville Bulletin in reply to two tories, which of course was not printed:

Well, well, two defenders for this cruel conservative government out of a population of 200,000, that sounds about right. Firstly ole’ mate Tony James, the reason that the new car industry have been losing money for years in that we have over a million unemployed (Roy Morgan Research) many of whom are, with over another million of under-employed, and a break out of ‘casual’ jobs, living in poverty. Three million of these fellow Australians are living below the poverty line, which puts new car purchases out of the question. However you are quite correct that governments role is not to prop up unsustainable businesses, so why is it that this conservative government subsidizes the coal industry to the tune of billions of our (PAYE) hard earned dollars? And just for the record Tony, I drive a Holden Commodore Executive.

Secondly, because there are none as blind as those who will not see and to answer Wayne (Morris)? 4812, Unions are industrial representatives of working people, who try to improve wages so that working people are able to survive and perhaps live. However I am pleased that you admit that these tax dodging/avoiding issues have gone on for far too long. They were exposed last December these giant corporations provide absolutely nothing for the everyday Australian, because due to loop holes in the taxation legislation they plunder this country for billions of dollars profit, and are assisted by conservative government loop holes to pay not a cent in income tax as we PAYE working people must, or the small businesses who think that they are playing the same game as the corporations must. The reports found that taxes were not paid from 2013; it is not a fabrication from me. If Labor does not act I will be as or more vocal than at present.

Labor went to the last election promising to amend the legislation so the foreign corporations would have to pay income tax. Sure they the corporations could threaten to leave Australia, however the corporate world hates a vacuum, and they would soon be replaced. The conservatives have no ‘real’ arguments, all they can do is throw mud, however they have much mud of their own including tripling the budget deficit in 3 long years and pushing unemployment over the million mark.


The System isn’t Broken – We Are.


The Red Window

broken-systemThe system is broken. This is a common response in many political discussions across social media. I disagree. I believe we are broken. Not the system.

Over the years we have seen many right-wing parties rise up across the world out of what I would describe as the bottomless pit of apathy and agitation. Analysis of the voter demographic these parties appeal to are largely the low socio-economic working class, welfare recipients or a mix of work and welfare. In addition, this demographic is usually described as having a lower level of education and most likely live in regional and rural areas. Essentially, individuals within these groups have barrier/s of disadvantage.

Marine Le Pen like Pauline Hanson, leads a right-wing Conservative-Nationalist party. Le Pen in France, Hanson in  Australia.

Both Pauline Hanson’s One Nation and Le Pen’s Nationalist Front, target high unemployment, low-income areas, where the lower-middle working class are struggling to make…

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